Fridge Coaster FAQs

  • What are the dimensions of Fridge Coasters?
  • The measurements of the Large, Door and Original Fridge Coasters are illustrated below:

    Fridge Coaster Dimensions
  • Fridge Coaster Care:
  • Wipe your Fridge Coasters with the soft side of your kitchen sponge as needed. Fridge Coasters are not dishwasher safe.
  • Can Fridge Coasters be used again?
  • Yes. If they get wet, lay them out to dry and reuse.
  • When do I replace my Fridge Coasters?
  • We recommend replacing your Fridge Coasters when you replace your refrigerator’s water filter or as needed.
  • What happens if raw meat (chicken/beef or other) gets on my Fridge Coasters?
  • If ANY raw meat comes in contact with your Fridge Coaster, recycle and replace it.
  • What are Fridge Coasters made of?
  • Food industry-grade, quick-drying, hard-pressed wood pulp coaster board (2mm thick).
  • Are Fridge Coasters eco-friendly?
  • Yes. Fridge Coasters are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
  • How much can Fridge Coasters absorb?
  • "Will absorb 4 - 5x their weight within 30 seconds after a spill" – actual Fridge Coaster test report from NSF (National Sanitation Foundation).
  • How are Fridge Coasters printed?
  • We use a digital UV printer; the ink is printed then cured with ultraviolet light. This allows the ink to never bleed outside of is original printed shape – even when fully submerged in water!

Fridge Coaster vs. Rubber liner or Rubber mat

A rubber mat or liner will require time invested to clean/scrub and dry. You will also need to remove your condiments from the bins for a while during the rubber mat cleaning process. Don’t forget, after all, that you’re going to have to remove those bulky bins, scrub them out and re-install them too. Fridge Coasters are a quick and eco-friendly. You simply take out your condiments replace the absorbent quick drying Fridge Coaster. You’re done!

Rubber mats will not dry inside your refrigerator. Rubber mats also do not absorb quickly. A rubber placemat stays wet longer allowing condiment drips to transfer to countertops. Rubber mats create an “absence of air” blocking air flow between produce and the plastic bin, making produce go bad faster than normal. Fridge Coasters will be dry to the touch in minutes. Fridge Coaster’s material is extremely breathable allowing produce to last longer because of increased air flow in between the plastic bin and your produce.


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If you would like to return your Fridge Coasters please do so with 30 days of receipt.
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