Functional refrigerator liners
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Functional refrigerator liners.


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          Proper refrigerator liners,  the absolute best material for your refrigerator application.  Our specialized Fridge Coaster® material absorbs normal drips or spills and is so aggressive with moisture it drys completely while still in the refrigerator leaving no room for odor or mold.  Protecting your refrigerator from drips that would otherwise stick and harden to the bottom of your bin and require scrubbing or worse stain the bin surface. 

           The natural Fridge Coaster® material extends the life of produce prone to bruising by providing a true breathable layer for fruits and veggie to rest. 

Fridge Coaster® is 100% compostable, biodegradable, recyclable and sustainable.                               Made in the USA. 

Olive Fridge Pack