Fridge Coasters® Beyond the Fridge

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When we started creating Fridge Coaster, we were solving a problem that we had in our own home (and fridge). Messes from produce, liquids, kids, etc had us cleaning up way too often. (We’re looking at you sticky dressing bottles). As we got further into the creative process and had time to think more about our coasters, we started noticing other places around our home where we needed a little something extra to help us out. That’s when we discovered that Fridge Coasters can be used in so many more places and ways outside of the fridge!

Fridge Coaster Beyond the Fridge

Under the Sink

Fridge Coasters Under the Sink








Under the bathroom and kitchen sinks are a lot of bottles, soaps, and liquids waiting to spill and damage the wood of your cabinets. You can prevent the problem by placing the L or XL Coaster under the sink to protect the surface from household cleaner drips that can quickly & permanently damage your cabinets.

Wire Shelves in the Freezer

Fridge Coasters in the Freezer

Wire shelving in the freezer can be problematic. If you’re freezing liquids or dough in plastic and lay the bags directly on the wire shelves, it can cause lumps and creases. Smaller items can fall through the shelf gaps. In the summer, we all know that popsicles or smoothie packs can leak and cause a sticky mess. Throw a Fridge Coaster on the shelves, and you can head off all of these freezer faux pas.

Laundry Room Shelves

Fridge Coasters in the Laundry Room

Why do the economy-sized laundry dispensers always leak? And bleach bottles? Always leaving a mess. We used to keep a towel under the dispenser just to protect everything below the bottle until we started using Fridge Coasters in the laundry room. PROBLEM SOLVED.

In the Pantry

Fridge Coasters in the Pantry

If you have wire shelves in the pantry, you might be facing the same problems as in the freezer (things falling through the spaces, drips falling to the bottom). Even if you have solid shelving in the pantry, things like honey have the potential to cause havoc...UNLESS you have something in place to prevent the messes. Hint: Fridge Coasters work great in the pantry, too!

Ready to stop the messes throughout your home?  Get your Fridge Coasters and let us know where you’re using them!