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Fridge Coaster

Large Crisper Bin and Shelf Coaster :: set of 3

$ 10.00

Large Fridge Coasters are designed for crisper bins, deli bins, pantry drawers.  Or directly on glass shelves and wire racks.  Includes 3 large coasters.

  • No more scrubbing bulky crisper bins.
  • Does the dirty work by absorbing drips & spills.
  • Eliminates moisture leaving no room for mold growth or odor.
  • Provides a natural breathable layer between the plastic bin and your fresh produce extending the life of produce prone to bruising.
  • 100% recyclable, biodegradable, compostable.

Microscopic mesh holds the material tight so it will not bubble, or fall apart like cardboard when wet.  Guaranteed.

This product is not washable.  Recycle or compost and replace; easy as that!  


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