Happier Fridge & Family : Meal Planning

Posted by Jamie Smith on

The witching hour is REAL. You know the one - it’s after school and just before dinner. The kids are switching off school mode and you’re scrambling to get something on everyone’s plates, do the bookbag cleanout/restock shuffle, pack tomorrow’s lunches, convince your kids to do homework/chores..all while your kids are whiny, hyper, and needy. Do yourself a favor and start meal planning. We promise it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may sound!

Over the years, we’ve worked through all the ways to survive the dinner hour and what we’ve found is the best method is planning ahead. We know that every day will be chaotic. The more we can get done ahead of time, the less stressed we all are.

Meal planning and weekend prep helps us stay on budget (grocery expenses are serious!) and on task during the week. Every time we share our Sunday night fridge, we get so many messages asking about how we meal prep. So, we thought we’d share that with you in a printable!

Our rotating, 2 week meal plan helps us have a consistent grocery list each Saturday and a pretty fridge every Sunday night.

Meal Planning with Fridge Coaster

To go along with our printable menu, we’ve also linked to some of the recipes from our menu and some of our favorite fridge organization products to make your weeks just a little bit happier. We love these containers and, obviously, our Fridge Coasters.

Recipes we love: